Turtle Lab Berlin

Turtle Lab Berlin is a shared studio and research space located at the basement of Schwedterstr. 262. It is run by Yuki Jungesblut and currently occupied by Jeremiah Day, Yuki Jungesblut and Sharon Paz – plus an additional member on a rotating basis.

Everyday is simple lab life. Sometimes we invite visitors, sometimes we present exhibitions or feature events. Turtle Lab Open Days occupy the interim space between studio and exhibition, private and public, casual and serious, work in development and „finished products“. Their objective is to bring together artists and researchers from in and around Turtle Lab and thus enter a „cross-media“ symposium sporting a mixture of individual works and word-exchange possibly triggered by what is on display.

Turtle Lab Berlin is dedicated to open discussion, research and the serendipity of free play. (the rest is silence.)

For further information feel free to contact us:

Turtle Lab Berlin
c/o Yuki Jungesblut
Schwedterstr. 262
10119 Berlin
Mail: hello(at)turtlelabberlin.org