Turtlelab Open Days:
#1: Das gehorsame Walroß und seine Betrachter
14 – 18 July 2012

with contributions by: Mirja Busch, Henrike Daum, Frederick Foert, Andy Graydon, Tina Isabella Hild, Kerstin Honeit, Michael Höpfner, Yuki Jungesblut, Judith Karcheter, Anna Martinetz, Bjørn Melhus, Reynold Reynolds, Sven Stuckenschmidt

Options for visitors:

Bring a turtle story/ object/ association. Bring a bottle. Bring a sporty spirit.
Only in the afternoons: Phlegmatier and Hypertier Research Tea


Turtle Lab Open Days occupy the interim space between studio and exhibition, private and public, casual and serious, work in development and „finished products“. Their objective is to bring together a group of artists from in and around Turtle Lab and thus enter a „cross-media“ symposium sporting a mixture of individual works and word-exchange possibly triggered by what is on display.

The theme for the first installment of Turtlelab Open Days is „Visiting the Zoo“ or more specifically it is a set of associations triggered by the word Zoo. So on display are (obviously) unusual animals and creatures but also records of explorations, categorisations and ponderings. It is not so much the exhaustive treatment of the subject matter that is the aim of the show but rather to engage in the joy of discovery, curiosity and open discussion.

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